A Major Urban Academic Medical Center

A major urban health system, at the forefront of both clinical care and research, underwent a rapid expansion over a five-year period, adding hospitals, ambulatory sites, and a medical school to its system. Their strategic plan, written nearly ten years earlier, did not reflect this new infrastructure. The system needed to reimagine the future of patient care and the future of seamless operations in the context of this vastly changed landscape. Rockingstone worked closely with the strategic planning team, interviewed dozens of leaders throughout the system, balanced the politics of an innately delicate process, and drafted a revised strategic plan for the system over a period of nine months.


A Global Health IT Security Company

A global health care IT security company, with an industry-leading platform addressing critical compliance and security challenges, recognized that a key legislative change might affect its product. The company engaged Rockingstone to help them understand this new law – the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) – and we identified new opportunities for the product given the legislative change. We then produced a clear and accessible white paper on a MACRA provision that required every Medicare recipient in the nation to receive a new beneficiary identifier. We also wrote several posts on the topic for the client’s blog, created a slide deck for the client to use with new and existing customers, and led a Becker’s webinar with the client to explain the MACRA provision to customers and potential buyers.


A Major Advocacy Group

A major advocacy group representing dozens of constituencies needed to respond with one voice to proposed regulatory changes, congressional requests for information, and programmatic initiatives. They also needed to communicate complicated policy issues and market conditions to various audiences: Capitol Hill staff, Department of Health and Human Services staff, and lay readers. Rockingstone worked with the client to draft all of these responses – comment letters, white papers, and more - from outline to completion, incorporating staff and constituency ideas and feedback, and offering our own input and guidance from years of experience on Capitol Hill.


A Coalition of Providers and Workers

A unique coalition of major hospitals and health care workers wanted to engage more fully in the national health care dialogue following the 2016 election. They asked Rockingstone to be their policy experts. First, they wanted to launch a social media campaign to educate the public about legislative attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Our team taught the client about the content of each proposal, put that content into political context, and packaged that content down into digestible bites for social media use. Second, the client wanted to create a Medicaid workgroup to organize the thinking and advocacy work of its membership. Rockingstone led the group, setting meeting agendas, leading meeting conversations, educating the group on pertinent policy and political matters, and doing all follow-up work.


A Health Care Technology Company

A health care technology company providing software and advisory services to operationalize value-based payments needed to establish itself as a thought leader in the market, and distinguish itself from competitors. Rockingstone began by reactivating the company’s dormant blog, drafting more than 50 posts about the company’s technology, services, and value. By featuring company leaders as authors and partnering with the company’s marketing team on a social media strategy, Rockingstone began to build the company’s profile. We then generated new content for the company’s website, as well as new marketing materials, clearly identifying the needs of potential clients and articulating exactly how the company meets those needs.